Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sewing Kit Roll Up for May You Be Inspired Days

In pursuit of the best item for a purpose, I am trying a DIFFERENT way to make a sewing kit. I like how my knitting kit came out, which you can check out in the entry Craft Army Roll Up Knitting Kit. I like that it doesn’t let things slip out, which can be a problem with my Craft Ninja Sewing Kit. While the scissors holster I put in keep it in place, the pocket for the measuring tape doesn’t keep it where it needs to be as well as I had hoped, so it migrates out the sides.








So here is the new sewing kit design. It’s not perfect yet, as this is too deep for my regular sewing supplies and not wide enough for my selection of scissors and tweezers I like to have on my person.

I’ve listed it in my Etsy Store, because it is perfect for someone out there. Just not me. So I’m going to attempt the same idea, different sizing. I’m actually really excited about it, as they aren’t difficult and are fun!

I’ve also been working on my paper pieced desert corsage square. I finally managed to get fabric around it I was happy with. It only took 3 attempts. It’s not quite done, but I’m hoping to finish it today. You can see the original post about it in this entry about quilting class. 

What things are you working on? I’m in search of some answers to weird problems in some of my projects, so I’d love to see what others are working on. I’m thinking about starting a weekly feature for WEIRD problems or solutions in crafting. Any thoughts on that?

And don’t forget about my giveaway! Make sure you become a follower! Check out my first entry in May for more details, or almost any other entry this month! I can’t wait to see who wins so I can get crafting especially for them!

later !!!




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