Friday, May 14, 2010

May You Be Inspired Days: Black & White Sister Dress

I have a sister. She’s significantly younger than I, and as such, smaller. And up until recently, we had VASTLY different tastes. Well, the last time she was visiting, we started discussing dresses and outfits and realized that she LOVED a shirt I was going to make for me. I took a few glances at the pattern and the individual in question, and decided that it would look better on her as a dress and I could have a coordinating shirt! It seemed awesome. And I think it is! :)Blog pics 061

Jessi is TINY. She’s BARELY a women’s 0. Don’t worry, she’s too young to drive a car, so you don’t have to hate her. Back to the dress. It has a white satin underlayer that you can see in the picture as it has a peekaboo ruffle on the bottom and an exposed smock. The top layer is a super sheer voile with a black swirl print. The sleeves are JUST the voile with half inch black satin ribbon ties at the shoulder apex for contrast. And then there is the romantic little tuxedo front! I love it! It has a black satin ribbon (super wide 2 inch) center with a white organza ruffle on top and then black gimp to either side. The top voile layer floats above the satin, attached only at the shoulders. It is just gorgeous! I can’t wait to make mine to match (and get pictures of us together!)

So the inspirations for Jessi’s Tuxedo?

The Long Thread has a tuxedo ruffle done on a little girl’s dress. Of course, ruffles are EVERYWHERE right now, so that wasn’t a hard leap, really. But voiles? Well, leave it to Anna Maria Horner to make me take a second look at a fabric I had previously only used as veils, linings, and curtains. And I am so glad I did.

No, it hasn’t been washed or worn yet, but I’m pretty confident that it can take a gentle setting machine wash. I’ll let you know if it can’t. Because I don’t do drycleaner around here and I WILL have one of the Sew Liberated Schoolhouse Tunics out of it. Or something similar. It’ll happen.

On to the giveaway…

And don't forget! I'm gonna give away one of the items from this month's inspirations (okay, obviously not today’s, as I’m giving it to my sister or else she’ll eat me alive) on June 1st! All you have to do is:
1. Become a Follower of StressTheSeams
2. Comment on one of the posts this month telling me what you would love to win!
International readers will have to pay their own shipping, but American followers will get it for free!
I'll close entries at 1am eastern standard time on June 1st and use the fabulous random number generator to select one wonderful winner. The prize will be a surprise for the reader, but I might just be looking at what they say....hint, hint! :)
So go become a follower and comment! And there will be other ways to get extra entries as the month goes on, so don't miss a day!

Earn extra entries for commenting with other fabulous voile links (they CAN’T be to Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks line…) on today’s entry! :)

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