Thursday, May 13, 2010

May You Be Inspired Days: Ear Ring Display Frame

I love earrings. I love dangly earrings. But I don’t love storing them. I hate the things that sit on your counter and take up valuable space while collecting dust in mesh that can’t easily be cleaned. I hate the boxes and holders that hide my jewelry away until my silver tarnishes (even though they CLAIM to prevent tarnish…whatever.) But I LOVE this earring collector! It hangs right next to my mirror (you can see the frame of my dressing table mirror on the left edge of the shot). This allows me to immediately select the earrings I want WHILE I’m getting dressed! And it’s right by my bathroom door, so I can hang my earrings up easily on my way to wash up each night, so no more hunting for AN earring!

P5110001I can’t take credit for this fabulous idea, though I wish I could. It’s just so darn brilliant! I mean, who would have thought a can of spray paint, one rusted mirror frame, some extra batting, the remnant of a bridal piece, and a dollar spool of ribbon could solve so many problems! Just when you are making yours, make sure your little ones AREN’T helping. Then you might get your rows of ribbon straight (oops…). I’ve got to make more of these, for certain! So off to who I got the BRILLIANT idea from:

The Idea Room pretty much covers many of the options of how to display jewelry. The Recessionista definitely knows her ways to store her gems!

Remodelaholic has a wonderful version that features a frame I LOVE from IKEA (but they were sold out of it in Atlanta the last time I got to go shopping… le sigh). It would look pretty darn fabulous in my bedroom, too.  And she also had a totally different guest, Alissa, who did a cork board version. Also, brilliant!

And this one is fresh and new, but a great way to use an IKEA bit to do the same thing (in case fancy isn’t your go to style).

I’m sure there are more out there I am overlooking, but feel free to link them in the comments!

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