Thursday, May 20, 2010

May You Be Inspired Days: Crap Catcher

There’s always that stuff that is in your pockets at the end of the day. You know, the crap that you need around, but don’t have a PLACE for because it goes in your pockets. The keys, the wallet, spare change, a mint, some lip gloss, a rubber chicken. You know, the stuff in your pockets. Okay, maybe not the rubber chicken.

So what you need is a crap catcher. Easy to make. All you need is two pieces of felt and a piece of interfuse stabilizer. Seriously. That simple. And you need to read the tutorial over at Urban Threads on how to put it together, because she’s got the template you’ll need to cut out the three total pieces you need. You have to do a little ironing and then sew (AACKK!) EIGHT straight lines. I know. HARD STUFF. It can, in fact, be done entirely by hand.

That wasn’t enough for me. I was inspired to do MORE! So here are my three felt bowls so far. :)

P5200003 P5200009 P5200004 P5200013

Yep, they are awesome. You’ll notice some ripples in mine on the bottoms. That’s because I didn’t want to use interfuse. I wanted to quilt mine, so I used timtex interfacing instead. It isn’t fusible. So I quilted around the bowl first THEN folded it up and did the side seams.

You see, I felt the need to make some crap catchers because this has been that kind of week. Monday I got good news that means lots more work for me. Tuesday I got more good news that meant MORE work for me. Then Tuesday afternoon my hubby, the MetalMan, was hit by a semi-truck loaded with concrete pavers while sitting at a red light. Needless to say, we’ll be car shopping. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured, unless you count the whiplash and such that MetalMan has. But most people who get hit by semi-trucks don’t walk away without a scratch, so I’m definitely counting us as lucky. I don’t normally post too much that is PERSONAL drama in here, but I guess I wanted to share with you why your posts have been a little out of sorts this week. I had wonderful plans for this week, believe it or not, but it all went a little bit haywire.

But, back to our regularly scheduled programming:

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Threeundertwo said...

The bowls are awesome, but it sounds like you need a gigantic one to catch all of that! So sorry about the car! Hope your husband doesn't have long-term neck problems or anything. I love your bowls, thanks so much for linking up to Finished for Friday!

Alisa said...

Those bowls are great! The +1 of Awesome is the best!
Hope car shopping goes well and glad MetalMan didn't get more seriously hurt.
Next week has got to be better!

janimal said...

Oh my, glad your husband is ok. Wowza.
Cute bowls!


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