Sunday, May 16, 2010

May You Be Inspired Days: Getting Mechanized!

Okay, so to continue from yesterday's theme, I've decided to look towards other areas for inspiration. The existing craft fair booth images just don't rock my world, you know? So instead, I'm going to list OTHER things I find inspiring! Maybe I can better focus that way! :)

I love this. I think its rustic and distressed. I like that it is black and white. I love how edgy the lines are.

Then there is the artwork of Edward Gorey. Mystery on PBS gave me nightmares as a child and I LOVE how eerie it is!


Rodin’s Gates of Hell. I love this piece. This image is from Sophie.


This wallpaper is beautiful. I love the amount of purples and the feeling of deep dusk. So calming.

Then there are my favorite files from Urban Threads, like:

cupcake This is the cutest cupcake…. EVAR! :)

damask I have such a sweet spot for anything damask… ahhh.

wings These wings are rough and mechanical (like the hubby) but still swirly and elegant.


This car from Supernatural the TV series (and lets be honest, the guy on it, Dean) are VERY inspiring. Too bad we are both married… le sigh… :) But the car is STILL single…and HOT! :) Image from a Foreign Fan Site

So in summation, I seem to have a thing for the gothic, Victorian, black, and purple. Even better if it has an engine, leather, is distressed, or has roses. Yep, that would sum it up! :)

Funny, after all this looking at pictures of things I like, I ACTUALLY have some good ideas for my booth! Rock on! :)

May you all be as inspired as I am today! (And, a quick shout out to my new buds over at Team NorGA Etsy Street Team. You guys are REALLY inspiring!)


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