Monday, May 10, 2010

May You Be Inspired Days: Rogue Embroidery Case

Ever have one of THOSE projects. You know, the one that was AWESOME in your head, then COOL on the drawing board. All the sudden you started to describe said project as INTERESTING as you started to pull materials together, and then OH DEAR HEAVENS when you actually started work. After much cussing and fussing, you then begin to think of THE project as a monster. I like to call these Franken-Projects. They start off sounding perfectly pleasant. I’m sure Dr. Frankenstein said “I just want to make friends”, too. And we all know what HE came up with. I mean, no one sane MAKES a friend. But that puts new meaning to turning your enemies into friends, I guess. Maybe I shouldn’t watch so much Supernatural……

So back to the Franken-Project. Isn’t this the most beautiful iPhone case you ever did see? (*snicker*)

P5080068 P5080083

(And, yeah, I know. My pictures need some color adjustment. This is what happens when you play with the settings on the camera, but don’t feel like doing more because, well, it’s bed time!)

Okay, so it’s actually a really cute pencil/craft case. Lovely velour exterior and bridal silver satin interior. Fabulous black ribbon trim to the inside of the zipper (yeah… that was DEFINATELY intentional…RIGHT…) It’s really cute. Is it what I wanted? Heck no. Will it still be incredibly functional and beautiful? Yep. Is it still well made? You bet your sweet @#$ it is!

So do you want to see what actually inspired this project? Here we go… And yes, I’m aware that NONE of these really look ANYTHING like what I ended up with. :) Can we call it a happy accident at this point?

So it all started at Urban Threads ,as so many things do since their embroidery files ROCK and are crazy cheap for the wonderful digitizing in them. It actually started with THIS tutorial for an electronics cozy. And I loved the Rogue Embroiderer's Guild file. That’s where it went downhill.

You see, the tutorial at Urban Threads doesn’t give exact measurements because it is meant to be custom. And I was measuring while enjoying a little mommy time (aka Nap Time for Twins). But I was interrupted by life before the cutting could occur, so when the cutting happened, I misread my measurements and thought that the Rogue Embroiderer’s file would be PERFECT. Wrong. Too big for where I wanted to put it.

But as I had done it on a large piece of velour, I figured I’d roll with it and turn it into a Business Card Box. But, alas, that was not to be. So then we (the sewing machine, named Helga, and I) discussed making Mushroom Villagers’ CD Pocket. Neither of these really worked for us, so we ended up with a zipper pouch. This one is longer than my others, so it is perfect for pencils. And I do end up toting around a decent amount of writing tools, as I’m never without my set of colored pencils and colored pens so that when an idea hits…And as the pictures show, it can also hold a decent amount of thread, which keeps the thread ninjas from running off with it. What? You don’t have thread ninjas in your sewing studio? I’ve got an extra. We could arrange something… :)

I’ll make all three of the other things mentioned here. Maybe not THIS month, but I WILL make them. :) (And I might just put this embroidery on them, after I’ve resized it, of course. Because that would prove a point. To someone. Somewhere. Right.)

And don't forget! I'm gonna give away one of the items from this month's inspirations on June 1st! All you have to do is:
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