Saturday, May 8, 2010

May You Be Inspired Days: Chenille Face Cloths

So, to gear up for things your mother will just love, I was inspired to make my own chenille. It’s actually a lot easier than you would think! I decided to use it to make face cloths, but you could do blankets, accents on clothing, hats, scarves, and pillows. I LOVE the pillow idea, as it would be SOOOOOO cuddly. If you use flannels as your middle layers, it becomes so soft and plushy that you just want to cuddle it.  So, enough words…MORE PICTURES! :)

Using light box 041 Using light box 007

This one is done with four layers of fabric on each side, then stitched together with bias tape edging. I’m not in love with the edging, but I wasn’t in the mood to make my own that day. So I’m selling this one in my Etsy store with a wonderful Betsy Bar from Indigo Wild. If you haven’t tried their goat’s milk soap, it’s AMAZING. It’s Lavender and Lemon….and smells DIVINE. And I love the way it leaves your skin. And I love the Betsy Bars for other reasons besides the smell and feel, as they donate $1 of each bar to Breast Cancer Survivors. Gotta love that! And you can get your own

Anyway, enough about the soap. On to my inspiration.

First is this wonderful tutorial by Cami on Remodelaholic. This shows you exactly how to do the faux chenille.

Then there is a nice hotpad tutorial on Moda Bake Shop, but I didn’t like that one side wasn’t plushy.

Mine is available for sale on, though I plan on doing custom ones with fabulous embroidery. And definitely some envelope style too. Okay....I'll be doing custom ones for sure!

And don't forget! I'm gonna give away one of the items from this month's inspirations on June 1st! All you have to do is:
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International readers will have to pay their own shipping, but American followers will get it for free!
I'll close entries at 1am eastern standard time on June 1st and use the fabulous random number generator to select one wonderful winner. The prize will be a surprise for the reader, but I might just be looking at what they say....hint, hint! :)
So go become a follower and comment! And there will be other ways to get extra entries as the month goes on, so don't miss a day!



Cami said...

I love love love what you did with this idea! I never would have thought of a hot pad! Thanks for linking to me and following me! I'm so flattered! Its so fun to see how people take your ideas.
Thanks again

StressTheSeams said...

Thanks! Your blog is awesome, so it's easy to follow you, for sure!


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