Saturday, May 15, 2010

May You Be Inspired Days: Share your Crafting

So today is a little different than the last two weeks. I’ve been crafting like crazy and have a ton of projects I could share today. But instead, I want to share how I’ve been inspired to share my crafting. You see, so many have pointed out that “I’d love to have one of those” at my one of a kind items that I’ve been talked in to setting up at a real, live craft show.

This is very different from the Etsy thing, as I’ll be the public face of my own work. I’ll provide a selection (a mini store) and be available for my customer to meet. And this will all be FACE to FACE! I’m extremely comfortable working with customers in a one on one setting. As a tailor, I do that ALL the time. I’m also extremely comfortable discussing my work… in text. I have tons of sales experience (dude, Girls Scouts ALWAYS pays off, just sayin’), but always hawking someone else’s stuff, never my own.  So I’m a little overwhelmed by it all!

So, since I am inspired to get out and share my craft, today I want to share with you some of the ideas out there that are inspiring my public face of crafting and see what you think.

First, I feel compelled to send you to read this AMAZING POST by Girls Can Tell about how one might aspire to have the ultimate display for wares. This got my wheels really spinning.

So I found this lovely booth by Something’s Hiding in Here:


I love how organized it looks.


This is NOT what I want for my booth. I like that its so clean, but I dislike how its so monotone. Eeeep. I guess it works for jewelry, but I don’t think so for me.

So I want something more along the Alice in Wonderland, Nightmare Before Christmas, Edgar Allen Poe, Victorian Style. Any thoughts?

(All photographs in this post are from other sources and I have no rights to any of them and seriously appreciate their use.)


Jules @ MoonCat Farms said...

I like that you're putting the thought into your booth. It seems so many people just grab a few tables and a popup and they're done! I love Alice in Wonderland and the Halloween bent too. How about a combo?

I've got major plans in the works for my booth that involve herbs, greenery, and lots of work for Mr. MoonCat :)

I'm really tickled that I've found your blog. Lots of great posts.

StressTheSeams said...

I totally agree! A combo of Alice and Halloween sounds like far more fun! And MetalMan (Mr.STS) has loads of work to do for me, too. Though as he says, he's just the labor for my ever-changing ideas!

I love me some herbs.... a smelly good booth is the best!


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