Sunday, May 9, 2010

May You Be Inspired Days: Craft Ninja Needle Kit

It’s Mother’s Day. This is the first time I have children that can say “Momma” for Mother’s Day. While they rarely do unless they NEED something, they can. So I guess since someone can call me “Momma” I get to celebrate Mother’s Day. Which means I wrote this earlier in the week so I can sleep in today and avoid anything that resembles work. :) That’s my kind of a holiday! And, since the boys are a little small to get me anything (well, they can MAKE me presents, but they usually smell), I made MYSELF something! :)

I was in desperate need of a travel sewing kit. So, I made one!

 P5080041 P5080042

There is room for EVERYTHING in there! You’ll find four spools of thread, one stitch ripper, 8 needles (currently, but plenty of room for more), a dozen pins (but, like the needles, plenty of room for more), a pair of scissors, and a tape measure! Got to LOVE knowing where your tools are! And because I hate being poked by random sharp things in my bag, I made a scissor holster and a safety loop for the stitch ripper! No sharp stabbies sneaking out and around where they shouldn’t be! :)

What I learned from this experience is VERY VALUABLE. Knits are NOT for covers. Nope. It might sound like a good idea (easy to stretch around the contents…yeah!) but then you actually do it. Well, it just doesn’t look…finished. Even after I turned and topstitched it. Somehow, it just looks as casual as knit is. Le sigh… But since it’s for me, it is WONDERFUL. Now I LOVE this knit. I’ve got more that I have plans for that are far more appropriate for knits. But it does make for a lovely theme. :)

Now to my inspirations, of which there were MANY!!

Urban Threads' Needle Case, which is also where the embroidery design comes from.

Mel's Hexy Needle Case, which is an AWESOME idea if you are a hex-quilter

Then you can check this one out to see how an Aussie does a needle case.

Messy Jessy's Version that definitely gets the job of storing needles done.

Heart-y needlecase – you’ll have to download the pdf to see how it’s done, but the cover is CUTE!

Vintage Ribbon Needlecase is a great idea for ways to use wide ribbon in a beautiful AND functional way.

A REAL deal sewing kit is pictured here, not once, but TWICE! (As in, two of them. And you can see them really well.)Anne Marie's serious kit

Another nifty desk style kit at the Monkeyroom.

Don’t miss Tipnut's page on wallet sized kits, either. They link to LoopyLace, which can show you how to make a beading book that is sticky!

And don't forget! I'm gonna give away one of the items from this month's inspirations on June 1st! All you have to do is:
1. Become a Follower of StressTheSeams
2. Comment on one of the posts this month telling me what you would love to win!
International readers will have to pay their own shipping, but American followers will get it for free!
I'll close entries at 1am eastern standard time on June 1st and use the fabulous random number generator to select one wonderful winner. The prize will be a surprise for the reader, but I might just be looking at what they say....hint, hint! :)
So go become a follower and comment! And there will be other ways to get extra entries as the month goes on, so don't miss a day!


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