Sunday, May 23, 2010

May You Be Inspired Days: Pi, Baby

First I will share with you the inspiring embroidery piece I created today, then I will share with you what got me going. Without any further ado, off to talk about Pi!
Yes, I’m referring to the number/symbol. And sort of to the fabulous dessert. Every baby needs to learn to love Pi!
This beautiful baby blue terry cloth bib just needed something to jazz it up. And what is better than blueberry Pi? And since Urban Threads makes it so easy to love pi, I decided to bring on the Pi! What good is an embroidery sewing machine if you can’t use it to work when you need to do something else?
Which brings us to the inspiration for this bib. I’m a neat freak. I love things to be neat and tidy and need them to be that way to actually function. I have no problems making a mess, but I have to clean it up. So this past week, with MetalMan not so able because of his car  accident, the twins both teething molars (still…), and other crazy stresses, I tried to work off all that. I like to work while stressed. Idle hands tend to think too much, you know?
So I WORKED. I produced at least a dozen new TYPES of items, most of them three or four different styles within that type. I also produced TONS of messes. I try to clean as I go, but strings wander, tufts of batting migrate, children’s toys wander in. The usual.
Today I decided to clean up. Wow. I found my desk again. All my patterns are put away. I’m not overwhelmed by the sticky notes and tatters of designs. And my to do list ISN’T as long as I my leg…maybe my arm, but not my leg! :)
Then there is the location I formerly called the Patterned Pit. It was where all the fabric scraps and remnants go to wait for me to have time to divide them into their size/usefulness piles and be put away. It had taken over an entire corner of my studio. While I didn’t take the time to actually put it all away today, I did coral it better, so it is much smaller and less likely to take over.
Because I needed to clean so desperately, I wanted to be WORKING while I was WORKING, if that makes any sense. With the big show a little over a month away, I didn’t want to take the down time just to clean. So my dear sewing machine, Helga, embroidered the entire time I cleaned. She’s so diligent.
In summary, I guess inspiration comes in many forms. Sometimes, it is definitely necessity to stay sane that drives one to create. Today was one of those days.
I’m going to list this gorgeous bib in my Etsy store, but I’ve got plans to make more similar ones. I’d love to do personalized ones. You know…. “Little Johnny thinks Pi=delicious” kind of thing.

And don't forget! I'm gonna give away one of the items from this month's inspirations on June 1st!
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janimal said...

I had my embroidery machine cooking this weekend too while I did some organizing in my sewing room. It's just so cool to have a project being worked on while also doing non-creative necessary cleaning stuff.

And I am not a fan of Pi today. I thought I was cool using Pi to figure out the perfect dimensions of my head to sew myself a hat. I did NOT do a good job. I'll have to blog about my crappy hat!

Paula Grace Designs said...

That is the coolest bib I have ever seen! Wish I had that when Lauren was a baby!! Now I know where to get cool baby gifts! Thanks for joining Timeless Tuesday!
Paula Grace ~


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