Thursday, May 6, 2010

May You Be Inspired Days: Fabric Notebook Folder

I've been sitting on these three fabrics FOREVER. As in, I moved them into this house when we built it. Eeck.... need to do SOMETHING with them. You see, I got them at an auction. They were in a box lot of fabric that included a green brocade that I LOVED and had to have. Did I want the yellow and pink toile? Not so much. Was I interested in the Martha Stewart flowers on white? Nope. I didn't mind the odd pink sea coral on white that coordinated with the other two, but I just couldn't see them fitting into my world. So I tried to give them away. Everyone I knew was offered the fabric, hoping someone would snap it up. Instead, it languished in the basement of sad things.

Well, no more! I'm determined to put an end to the basement of sad things! :) So I used the Martha Flowers as the outside cover, the toile as the inner lining, and the corral as the pockets! With touches of fabulous vintage green velour ribbon, it is PERFECT!

P5030042  P5030032 

I even did green topstitching to tie it all together. And I love that instead of a label, I sewed StressTheSeams down the ribbon, which gave it an embossed look! Thinking, I was!!!P5030047

It's perfect for a little 5"x7" notepad, a pen, maybe some colored pencils, a photograph or two, and a pattern tucked neatly behind the notepad!'s perfect for meeting with my tailoring clients!

Or I could stock it with a pencil, grocery list, coupon clutch, and grocery store entertainment for the kiddos!

Super useful! Want to know how to make your own?

Check out Vintage Fabric Tutorial

or Jezzeblog's Fabric Folder Tutorial

Mine is not currently available for sale, though I plan on doing custom ones with fabulous embroidery. And definitely some in the full notebook paper size. Those I have REALLY nifty ideas for!

And don't forget! I'm gonna give away one of the items from this month's inspirations on June 1st! All you have to do is:
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2. Comment on one of the posts this month telling me what you would love to win!
International readers will have to pay their own shipping, but American followers will get it for free!
I'll close entries at 1am eastern standard time on June 1st and use the fabulous random number generator to select one wonderful winner. The prize will be a surprise for the reader, but I might just be looking at what they say....hint, hint! :)
So go become a follower and comment! And there will be other ways to get extra entries as the month goes on, so don't miss a day!



Rebecca said...

love this!!!

Beautiful stuff!

Nancy's Notes said...

Great job, love the look!! Glad I stopped in today! Hope you are having a great Sunday@!



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