Saturday, May 22, 2010

May You Be Inspired. . . To Come Visit!

Today I have a BIG announcement!!! Please be inspired to come visit if you can! Where? When? Why…

handmadeheatwaveweb1 Yep!!! We’re all official, with press releases, flyers, and all the good stuff! I went and toured the location today and it is AMAZING. You must come visit and see this historic home. It is so hard to believe that this place was a rotting husk not so long ago. Now it is well loved and cared for.

So please, come join us! At least drop by The Team Site and see what we have going on!

And of course, leave me a comment and become a follower. Only 9 days left to win the mystery prize!

No new item today, though. Too bushed from driving to the site in the rental ping pong ball with wheels with the whole family shoved in it. Yesh. And it’s now officially past bedtime and everyone is STILL up. That isn’t good, no sir.



1 comment:

ericaworthy said...

Should be a great show. I am really excited about it.

As fir the contest you've got going on right now. I had a hard time just picking one thing, lol. I like the sketch book, business card holder & the Alice In Wonderland goodies!


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