Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Desert Corsage Accent Pillow


Whew! It is done. See, the center panel is SOOOO busy that I had a really hard time figuring out how to match ANYTHING to it. So I tried reds, whites, greys, silvers, blacks..... you name it. Patterns and plain. No success. Finally, I gave up and put a black border around it with Moda Bella Solids. The  reverse of the center panel is entirely black, in fact. Then I used the same print that is in the apex points to do a band next to the black. Then a band of white. Finally, a band of the circles and triangles that are in the outer edges of the flower petals. I wanted a LONG  pillow for an accent, and this definitely fits the bill.

Now my problem is that I'm not wanting a red, black, and white bedroom. The hubby and I have decided that the combo is just a little too much for our RELAXATION. Le sigh. So now we're (okay, I) thinking of turquoise blue, white, silver, and black. Thoughts?

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