Friday, May 28, 2010

Paper Piecing, Baby! I'm so inspired!


So I was having a problem with inspiration. I know.... after a month of inspiration, I was running low. Okay, so I do HAVE inspiration, just it was darker and more sinister. You see, the twins are teething. This means one is pitching royal death fits and the other is biting and turning canibal. Lovely. Combine this with the hubby being unable to work or lift things due to his fabulous semi-truck accident, and I'm fit to be tied. Then we had WONDERFUL thunderstorms, so I decided dark and sinister, baby!

The hubby has a brilliant plan for how he can combine his metal with my fabric. And the only info you are gonna get is the picture! Just wait. It shouldn't take long. :)

Laters.... off to enjoy cake!

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