Sunday, March 21, 2010

Busy quilting weekend!

So Saturday I went to class at Kiwiquilts. It was on speed paper piecing. It ROCKED!!! As part of the class, I learned how to make a Desert Corsage square. Here's a picture of my completed square, which is currently hanging behind my desk as a motivational token of what I CAN do! :)
I'm realy happy with it. I should take some micro shots for you so you can see how precise the points came out. I picked the layout and fabrics, so I LOVE them. They are so darn bold!!! This was really the tested for the color combination for our master bedroom. I LOVE the batiks that are red and black (the center) and then black and red (the outer points). And the black and white points are AMAZING!!! So this color scheme is DEFINATELY a hit. MetalMan is more than willing to let me do the entire master in this color scheme, so that's a good thing. He's not sold on this quilt pattern, though. But that is okay, as I'm not either! But I LOVES me some paper piecing now!!! So quick and easy! Low stress and highly productive, which in this household is a GREAT thing!

The other thing I've worked on this weekend (aside from the family schedule.... woooboy) has been the monkey quilt. It's so close!!!! Today I got the top finished, backing trimmed, and sandwich made. Whew! Then, to top it off, I managed to stitch in the ditch the outermost row all the way around. Here's a pic of it in Helga's arms :
Don't worry. I think I'll be able to finish the quilting tomorrow and then get the binding done on Tuesday. Which gives me Wednesday to fix the binding on the Tator's pirate quilt (washing machine ate it.... but thankfully, it's easily repaired!). Then I'm going to start on the color quiet book for the twins. I'm already collecting up all the stuff for that, so I've just got to get started now!

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