Saturday, March 13, 2010

Celebrate Cupcakes!

So what do you think of my completed cupcake exchange sweets? :) I'm happy to have them completed. They definately meet the "whimsical, girly, and bright" requirements for the swap members. The random white one at the top was the tester that I made to begin with. I didn't like it (my brother said that the marabou was weird) for the exchange, so I changed the background and added the flowers. Those I really liked! So I decided it needed to get repurposed, as it will be lonely when the others get shipped off. So I made this:

I took the original cupcake square, added the pink from the background of the other squares and the rose print from the top of the cupcake as a border, and then trimed it out with the same pink marabou. Then I quilted the top with swirls in the cupcake, stripes in the cupcake paper part, and then topstitch around the exterior of the square. The back is the same pink as the frame. It is really fun.

So it's listed on Etsy. I really enjoyed making it, so I'm actually hoping to get custom orders for them. I might just make more for fun. :) Cupcakes are so sweet that I just HAVE to have fun while making them. So celebrate cupcakes with pride! :)

And I'm not very girly, normally. Pink isn't my thing. But these are fun to make, so I can't imagine someone not liking them, even in pink. So yeah, I like it. It doesn't go with a thing I own, but it's cute. :)

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