Friday, March 19, 2010

Primates on Parade

So I've been working like crazy on my monkey quilt. Part of me feels REALLY successful to have started and finished a quilt in the same week. So I'm determined. As I write, Helga sits chunk-a-chunking behind me, completing the label for the back of the quilt. It is embroidered (big surprise) and looks quite nice. Embroidery looks so pretty on suedecloth.

Yes, I said suedecloth. Not the standard choice for a quilt back, but I think it works. This quilt is intended to be a picnic, play, outside on the grass kind of quilt. I wanted something durable and washable that wasn't going to pill badly (like flannel will) or show dirt horribly (like quilters cottons) but was light colored enough to show bugs and other nasties that might try to hitch a ride inside.

I also added a row of funky squares to the back, right down the middle. It is made from leftovers from the front that I cut into turnover triangles. I think it is VERY fun. I can't wait to get it all pieced together and sandwiched. Then I can furiously quilt it (I'm gonna stitch it in the ditch, I think, as I want to really emphasize the fabrics and applique work, not the quilting), bind it (I think I have enough black micro dots left and I KNOW I have enough red if all else fails), and let the boys love it. After it does a stint visiting Kiwiquilts....

Speaking of Kiwiquilts, I have a class on piecing tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that. Helga's first trip out of the house, so she'll enjoy herself. I need to get her a travel bag, but I just can't find the right one, as she's large and in charge. I leave you tonight with a picture of Helga hard at work. She'll be so glad she got posted on the blog!

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