Friday, March 5, 2010

The Cat's out of the Bag.....

Okay, so it's ON the bag. And now the bag is on Etsy! :) I only had to do the listing three times. And I'm really not happy with the final version, but it's done and I can edit it later, right? Now I've got to get on with all that I have going on.... whew.

So I'm finishing up the quilting of the Tater's pirate quilt. Only 18 blocks to go. I should have them done tomorrow. Then I can get the binding on both of the pirate quilts, launder them, and on to the beds they shall go. I can't wait!

I've also been trying to multitask, which is hard when you have twin sons "helping" you. So I found the perfect task for them. I have had the majority of my fabric stash hidden in large bins for a LONG time now. It's to the point that I have no clue what I have. So, with me doing this cupcake exchange, I need to actually locate a few colors I don't normally use a lot of ( So, I set my boys to sorting.....or otherwise known as playing in, my stash. It all needed to be washed anyway. The stuff that had been prewashed had migrated in with the stuff that needed washing, which then all jumped up and down on my storage room floor. And I have the sweet smelling detergents right now, so my entire stash now smells of blueberry muffins!!! :) If you haven't heard of enjoying laundry, well, check out Her laundry saddlebags are TO DIE FOR!!! Loves them, I do! :)

So anyway, my entire stash is spread out and almost all of it is washed and dried. Now it all has to be folded and bolted, but this gives me the opportunity I've never had to fold it all the same sizes and organize it so I can find stuff! I'm so excited. So I'm gonna comb the web for excellent cloth organization ideas. Be forewarned, that's the next post!

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