Sunday, March 7, 2010

Operation Get Organized Is Underway!!!

So I finished the fabric prewashing today and have moved on to the actual organizing part of the task. Here's the picture of it all in the floor in baskets.

I then decided it was time to actually put it all away so that I could actually find it again and use it, now that it had been properly cared for. So I started by using the Domestic Diva's fabulous system of organizing fabric collections into categories. You can find her system here: . I used her Option A system, which allowed me to sort everything into fabric types. I had to change around her types a bit (I don't do chenille so much and I have TONS of fabrics she lumps together as "specialty"), but it definitely allowed me to see what I have. I took a few pictures for you. Here's what it looked like after some sorting:

Then I started to get really excited about the whole idea, so I got busy. Here's what it looked like after an hour:
Then I got totally done with the sorting and was so excited, I jumped right into folding it all! Here's a picture of the fleece and woven prints all done and in their homes, which is how I'm leaving it for tonight.

I've managed to organize it all in such a way that I can reuse all these medium flat rate boxes I get from my coop buys and eBay purchases! Recycling and organizing all in one! I'll try to do a tutorial tomorrow of how I fold them for you so you can see the best way to store fabric for nearly free! But I must get some sleep now, or else I'll turn into a pumpkin. By the way, I don't own any fabric that has pumpkins on it. This is sad and must be fixed before Halloween! :)

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