Monday, March 29, 2010

Super Fun Weekend

So the husband took me thrifting on Friday, which was good until the twins melted down in the glass aisle....eep! That was scary! I have some good things to show for it too! I found a cute pair of hollister shorts that are just begging to be "happy" with some additions and subtractions.

Then I found some orange for the boys' quiet books that I am working on. I realized last week that for someone born at the University of Tennessee, I didn't own ANY orange. So that has been rectified.

Micahman found the bandana. Who knew that 15 month olds are good at thrifting? :) And with his love of satin, I couldn't pass up the top from the women's section. Then the baby seersucker in orange and white was just too adorable.

Then Tater found this

Which I HATE the frogs on, so I'll be removing those for sure, but the fabric is amazing and in great condition. So it will most likely be repurposed into bedroom decorations for the master redo I'm planning and collecting for.

We also found a ton of fiestaware, which included a bunch more dinner plates, some saucers, and two serving bowls, all in colors we didn't have. Which is happy. Now I have loads of color choices!

Then we hit Sam's for some pizza in their noisy food court area (which is perfect if you have toddlers!). Since they have the pizza ready ahead around dinner time, it's super quick and easy. And there is plenty going on, so the boys have a ton to entertain them. Tater ate his OWN slice of pizza! Yowza! We picked up some essentials as well as a roll of butcher paper. 1000 feet for $17. Not bad!

After that, the hubby took pity on me and entertained the boys so I could run in Michael's. I got some felt, a few ribbon bits, and some SHRINKY DINKS!!! :) I don't know what to do first with them, so I'm totally open to ideas!

So I'm off to make Monday morning happen, but you'll hear more from me later. I've still got to share my WONDERFUL Saturday and crazy Sunday.... and get your ideas for this week's project!

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