Thursday, April 1, 2010

What love looks like (for a fabric artist)

Yes, that is the menus from The Melting Pot. :) Chocolate....cheese.....yummy!!! And nothing says love like industrial strength velcro, spray starch, grip gloves, needles, and a Gingher seam ripper! :)

And in his infinite brillance, the hubby also added to my stash! 14 (WOW!!!) new solids and 3 new prints. Granted, the prints are for he and the boys, but still!!! Bot Camp, baby! And this is some serious yardage. All are at least a yard, but several are 2 or 3 or -gasp- even 4 yard cuts!!!

Yep.... my husband is the best. I'm so glad we've been married for five whole years. And I'm also very thankful for the grandparents who kept the 15 month old twins!!! :) And have volunteered to do it AGAIN!!! YIPPPIE!!! (I really hope that isn't an April Fools Joke.....I'll be LIVID....)

And I'm working on a tutorial for you. Here's a sample!

Work in progress. With the help of said twins. Can't wait to get it done!

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