Monday, April 19, 2010

Pirate Growth Chart Tutorial: Adding the Details

On to the details! Since we've painted our pirate ship and given our board a good base coat, it's time to add the pretty stuff. I grabbed my fabrics that I'm using in the room as well as some books on pirates and a pirate coloring book to inspire me. Oh, and the all important goldfish to distract the twins while I worked! :)
I started by chalking out my ideas, which meant finding a potential spot for my pirate ship and placing my letters near the top to show which measurements belong to which son. Then I started adding things like a palm leaf, a treasure chest, a sword, a compass rose, an island, and even a pelican.
But I didn't like the way the pelican was turning out, so I used a wet paper towel to get rid of him and add some barrels! :) Nothing like cargo! Then I added  that magic dotted map line. You know, because X marks the spot! I put the X at the top, near the letters.

I freehanded my drawings with regular chalk on the latex paint. This would work on most dark colored surfaces, but you could always use colored chalk on light surfaces. I don't suggest a pencil (though we will use one later) as it will make impressions in your wood, which will stick around even after you erase.

So you don't freehand or draw? You can still do this! Remember the coloring book I said I was looking at for inspiration? Well, instead of JUST being inspired, you could take and find coloring pages you like. Then copy them to the size you want (reduce or increase on a copier or scanner). Cut them out on the outside line, draw around them with your chalk. Then you can cut them to the next interior line, trace around that shape, and so forth, until you get all the pieces on there. Or even copy it onto transparencies and overlay and draw your shape. No excuses for non-artists!!! :)

So gather up your favorite coloring books now and get ready! Next is the painting... and it's not scary at all!

After snack, I'll try to zip in and share some of the wonderful painting (that is EASY) with you! :) So check back later for more!

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