Friday, April 16, 2010

The Picnic Table from Knock Off Wood

So here is the picture of the awesome picnic table that the hubby made for the boys
What is even more exciting is the price tag. $7!!! Yep. He needed one 2x4 for the legs, but other than that, it was all scrap lumber! And it only took him one evening to build it. So now the boys can sit on the deck and play in the wild outdoors without me having to worry about carting in and out furniture and toys! Now I get to finish it (but it's all pressure treated, so the big deal is keeping the kids from eating it). Find your own inspiration for something so awesome over at

Her stuff is amazing!


janimal said...

That is a talented man you have there. What a gorgeous picnic table. I'm a bit jealous, my hubby is NOT so handy!

StressTheSeams said...

Thanks! Yeah, my hubby is super handy. He's perfect. You can visit him at :)


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