Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pirate Growth Chart Tutorial: Hanging it!

To hang your lovely growth chart, begin by leaning it up next to the bit of wall you want to hang it on. Then yell for your husband to come hold it. When he comes to your aid, begin gesturing wildly at things while holding his drill. Then watch as husband shows you "proper respect" for said tool by drilling your pilot holes in the chart.
Make sure you do them on both sides, but I wanted to avoid putting them in the pretty stuff, so mine are offset.
Then measure up the wall to six inches. (Somehow, with all the help, this step didn't get photographed at all. Not even in bad light. Go figure.) Then make sure your 6 inch from the floor measurement matches up with your 6 inch measurement on your growth chart. At this point, since your holes are predrilled, attach it to the wall with screws. We use drywall screws with zipit drywall anchors in this house that can hold 25 pounds easily. Why? Because the man who often buys said screws and zipits says so. And since he's maning the drill for this part of the project, I do what he says. (We'll not talk about what I do in MY husband-less projects, okay?)
Attach your lovely growth chart, then marvel at how much you hate the screws. But we PLANNED for this! So plug in your glue gun, grab your initial letters, your pirate ship, and some gems, and lets get busy!
See? (okay, except for the flash-blinding part. I'm not a photographer, nor a photoshop expert yet. Anyone want to teach me?) Now the bling TOTALLY covers up the attachments! Rock on, hot glue! I did the same thing at the bottom, near the treasure chest (see, secret planning!)
(Okay, BAD picture. Sorry) And the pirate ship covers the ones in the middle!

Whew.... I didn't think this project would ever get finished, but I'm SO glad it did! It looks lovely, has tons of color, and really looks great on the boys' walls. Right now, as you can see in the pictures, they have wall clings around the rest of the room. While the match the theme, they are the only other real DECORATION besides some cute pictures their Oma and Opa gave them. So on to more plans. Tomorrow is the day for a NEW CURTAIN! I'm sure you are just drooling with.... excitement. Not the Thursday at 10pm glazed look....right.

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