Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Studio Rehab

This is the oh so boring studio before. Not exactly a creative space. And yes, I cleaned out the clutter BEFORE taking the before shot. Sorry. Throw a ton of crap in there and you'll imagine EXACTLY what the desk looked like. And the corner was just BLAND!

And here is the after!!! It was a long, hard day of work, but it was TOTALLY worth it! I'll show you more of it in detail, as there were literally dozens of projects that went into this. But I wanted to get to show you the new spaces today. There is far more to come, as the cutting table and ironing area are next on the list. But I'll try to share as I go! Wanna know what projects you have to look forward to? Well.... a little sneak would be trim storage for pennies, custom shelving for a song, and upgrade your organization with magnets! :) But off to bed, as this is a very tired penguin!



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