Friday, April 16, 2010

How to rescue a pair of shorts

So last summer I found a wonderful pair of Talbot's blue seersucker shorts at a thrift store for a buck. They were in great condition, to the point that I don't think they had EVER been worn. I loved the fabric, but didn't care so much for the lines of them. When I got them home, I also discovered that the pockets pulled funny across the front. You see, I'm weird about pockets. I want them to lay flat, no puckering. I want them to stay closed, no flipping or turning. So since the pockets had issues with being tidy pockets, I couldn't wear them. Sigh. So they got shoved into the forgotten realms of the closet at the end of last summer.

Fast forward to last week, when I realized that it was NOT cold outside any more. In fact, pants are almost uncomfortable, as it is so warm and muggy here in Atlanta already. Thus, it is time for shorts, skirts, and capris. Now, I was post-pregnancy weight loss last summer. And I was pregnant with twins the summer before. So I really don't have much of a summer wardrobe that fits my current body. So I started digging for things I could save, salvage, and possibly wear without too much discomfort or work. Out of the depths of the closet, comes the Talbot's shorts.

But, lo, the pockets STILL pucker. Now, I've lost PLENTY of weight in the key areas that SHOULD make the pockets not pucker. Thus, I know why these shorts were new and at a thrift store. POOR DESIGN. Yes, my dear reader, it does happen to every brand. Thus, there is no choice for these shorts but to become something else. Sure, I could turn them into a skirt. But really, I'm too old for a skirt that length and the thought of adding ruffles or layers to it just didn't suit the fabric somehow.

So instead.... BOY SHORTS!!!

Aren't they adorable? If only I could get my model to cooperate! I added cute little pockets on the rear out of white and put belt loops around the waist band. The inside has the fabulous elastic casings that pull through to buttons to adjust the size (which I figured would be useful as one boy is currently skinny and the other has a bit of a belly).

I declare these shorts SAVED! And I have some leftover fabric from them that will likely become some type of an applique for a shirt to match and maybe even a coordinating outfit for the other child to wear. I'm thinking of using the blue seersucker on blue Moda solids for pockets. That would be darling!

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