Friday, April 23, 2010

My new banner and logo!

You may have noticed my new banner at the top here.... and my fabulous new little penguin that is showing up on stuff. If so, please jump over to Graphic Designs By Tara to get one yourself! She's awesome, has amazing customer service, AND does pay it forward designs for free! You've got to check out her work. And no, she's not paying me in ANY way to say this. In fact, I gladly paid her for the WONDERFUL banner and logo she did for me and I can't wait to get more work done by her.  So go grab some of her fabulous work. You won't regret it!


Linda Olson said...

I can see that you did pay attention when I explained how to get hubby to do things you want done. Good work.


StressTheSeams said...

Thanks, Mom. Learning well, I am! :) Shhhhh.....he follows my blog too! :)


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