Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Little shorts and coloring pages

It has been a crazy busy week around here. The twins are growing like weeds and the weather is gorgeous, so I've been working on shorts for them to enjoy their summer in. So far, my favorite pair is actually made from a pair that no longer fit me properly but had lovely fabric. As soon as I can get them fitted to a cute bum, I'll show them off. But it seems silly to wake the children to try clothes on them.

I also managed to complete the coloring activity book pages. I'll share how I did some of it with you as I get the time.
Blog pics 063 Blog pics 064
I made an attempt at a rag rug. I'm sad about it, as I have to take it back apart to it's braid, so you might just end up getting a "what NOT to do" for it instead of a tutorial-esque entry. Sorry!

I finished both a headband and shirt for my spring outfit. I needed something new and alive. I'll post pictures as soon as I wear it, which will likely be tomorrow, as the hubby is at a CPR class until late tonight.

I aided the hubby in completing a table for the twins. I've got to do the final coat of sealer on it, but it's darn cute! You'll get to see it soon, too.

I'm working on a tissue box cover, a front door wreath (my other one didn't last like I had hoped. Silly weather.), a tablecloth for said new twin table, and fabulous wash mitts. You'll get to see them all as soon as I get them done. And I'm trying to decide on fabrics for my next quilt (a Drunkard's Wave). So yeah, I'm busy! And of course, this is all the stuff I'm doing for my household. This doesn't count the custom work I'm doing for customers right now. So forgive me if I'm scattered! Speaking of which, it's time to SCATTER ZOOM!

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