Thursday, July 1, 2010

Family Tough on Clothes? Repurpose them!

Many of you may know my husband, or at least have stopped by his blog over at The Chipped Hammer. He’s a welder by trade and an artist and mechanic by skill, so he can be REALLY rough on clothes. A lot of it I can’t do anything about, but every once in a while he does something that I say “HA! I CAN fix this one!”. I mend his rips, patch his holes, and generally try to keep his work clothes presentable. And when they are too far gone, I use them for something else. The t-shirts make fabulous rags. The socks with holes are great turned inside out on the swiffer or to dust the ceiling fans. But the jeans had stumped me.

Then we found a cache of jeans at a thrift store in his size. He’s hard to fit, so we bought them, not caring about the brand as they were a buck a piece! One pair was a nice pair of GAP original relaxed fit that looked great on him, except for a paint stripe across the leg. So he declared them work pants and wore them the next day. And guess what? They got a GAP in them the next day! A grinder managed to get away from someone welding next to him and ripped a big hole in the side of his jeans at his thigh. Grrrrrrr. Too big to patch. He hadn’t gotten the $1 out of them yet! Grrrr. So I decided to put them to use!

Here’s the bag made from the good leg:


I call it “Brain-washed Denim”! Hehe

Then here is the mini-skirt!!!


It’s the “Now I’m Pretty” skirt! And it cam out really cute! You’d never know it was eaten by a grinder, huh? :) Of course, you do now that I told you. But you STILL want to zip over to my Etsy store and snap it up, don’t ya!

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Jane said...

Very cute skirt...and ruffles are so "in" right now too! Thanks for linkin' up to Frugalicious friday!

Finding Fabulous

ps. I'd follow, but your follower section is disabled. I'll check back later. :)

Carolina said...

I have a stack of old jeans waiting to be cut up into quilt squares. I've done this before, and all parts are usable... having a seam along one end of a square, or a pocket on a square, or a "dark spot" where there _used_ to be a back pocket... it all adds to the charm!

Found you through NFF... am now following! : )


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