Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hillbilly inspiration

First, I’m STILL hand-quilting on the Victorian Table Runner. Granted, the boys don’t let me get much done on it as they think bouncing things off the big backboard Mommy has is FUN! And wouldn’t you know, Mommy conveniently made them fabric balls to do this with (not intentionally…). Thankfully, they have only thrown those so far.

Second, Momma Swallow has moved back in to her nest outside my studio window. She’s being cantankerous as I write. Apparently she isn’t happy about the thunder. Well, neither am I. It seems to think that rain comes from a clear blue sky. Hah. But then, with the heat, I’ll take anything to make it cooler.

I’ve been hard at work putting things in my Etsy store. Check out my new things, like a magic wallet from car tags.


Yep. This brain child came from getting in trouble on family trips to tacky tourist shops. Living in Gatlinburg, there were plenty of said tourist shops, stuffed with “Hillbilly” memorabilia. One was always the Hillbilly wallet, otherwise known as a Magic Wallet. No matter how you put your stuff in it, it always manages to hold it and you can get your stuff out from either the right or the left. Imagine opening a book from either side and the pages stayed in the right order. Boggled my mind as a kid. I always had to play with these in shops, which usually meant picking one up, wandering the store with it until I found an acceptable item to insert in it (usually a pile of brochures or magnets), and then doing so. After which, I would thoughtfully leave it stocked for the next person to play with. I’m betting the store owners didn’t find it thoughtful, though.

And I’ve gotten my bags in. I ordered them Tuesday afternoon. I’m impressed. And the Fedex delivery guy didn’t stink of cigarettes… nor did my package! What a HAPPY change!

Off to have some lunch and finish an apron. All I have to do is appliqué on some hearts and pockets. Really, not so much. Why am I putting it off?

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