Monday, July 12, 2010

Victorian Table Runner Pattern Review

My first pattern review! I’m starting with Southwind Designs’ Victorian Table Runner, not because it is a beginner pattern, but because I actually want to share this pattern with the world.


First, I should tell you that I am making this pattern as a request for the owner of my local quilt shop. I received both the pattern and the fabric for it as compensation for making it, and I wanted to be honest with you, my dear reader. But I have received NO compensation of any type from Southwind Designs. So there is my full disclosure.

Tracy chose the pattern and the colors, which are quite lovely. I’m really into the leaf pattern and the blue blender. Both of those are quite yummy.


Now “dimensional quilt patterns for creative people” is the slogan of Southwind Designs, and while I would definitely fall into the creative category, I was a little scared by the dimensional part. Tracy assured me that with my experience doing Cathedral Windows, I could handle this no problem. And she was TOTALLY right! This pattern is so clearly written and graphed that there was NO pain in the piecing. None. Not a bit!


Annette’s cutting instructions were dead on, with minimal waste. And her piecing is broken into little steps and each part is clearly illustrated. I was completely comfortable and never had to “figure out” how to do ANY step. It was great! I highly suggest Annette’s patterns and will be purchasing them in the future. My only problem becomes which one to do next! :)


Also, if you check out the Southwind Designs website, they even have quilts that are completed from their patterns for sale. So if you aren’t up to the dimensional aspect of the quilting, then you can still own it!


I’m not sorry that the pictures are dark, as most of them were taken between 5pm and 10pm Sunday night. Yep. That’s right. All this in 5 hours, which also included cooking and feeding the twins dinner, eating, cleaning up the dinner mess, putting the twins to bed, and some diapering. So it is not only beautiful, but quick!

Now I’ve just got to get the backing and binding choices from Tracy and start quilting. Part of me really wants to quilt this by hand, just to give it a really Victorian feel. What do you think?

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Teaquilts said...

I have that pattern and have the top made. I chicken out with turning the folds to make the curves at the same time as machine quilting. I recently finished hand sewing the curves down and haven't quilted it yet. Your post makes me motivated to get it done.

Judy said...

I have this pattern also but have been a chicken to even start it. With your awesome review, I better think about putting in on the project pile.

I love yours!

StressTheSeams said...

This pattern is AWESOME! I highly suggest you start it, Judy! And Teaquilts, the turning is much easier if you do it by hand, though you could also cheat and turn it and iron it to fusible interfacing to keep it turned, then machine it. Just a thought. Or you could use wash away spray, even. 505 is great for that!


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