Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lace Top Hats and Awesome Geek Bowls

Life can get boring. Same old flower arrangements, same old hair style, same old decorations. That’s why you need things that are unexpected. Like Lace Top Hats and Fabric Bowls!


Yep, the hat is entirely made of lace. I start with a piece of what looks like cellophane and embroider that with the thread until I’ve formed lace. Then I cut the pieces I need for the hat and stitch them together. Isn’t it cute? And I think it is PERFECT for weddings! I would definitely put one in my wedding hair or maybe in my bouquet. And could you imagine these as part of a table scape or center piece? WOW! And I can do them in all kinds of colors! And even in color combinations! See:


So far, I’ve made the red, black, and gold that I like to call “Royal”, the black and white which is “Dramatic”, and the variegated purples that is named “Lovely Lilacs”. I’ve got them listed in my etsy store for a song, so I’m sure they’ll go fast. I’ve nearly finished a black and blue one and a solid black one. Those might get done tomorrow. Now I need ideas for other color combinations. Thoughts?

To add just one more unexpected switch up, how about a fabric bowl? Everyone has fabulous pottery bowls, metal bowls, and glass. How many people have FELT ones? :) Especially ones especially designed to show your geeky side. And if you get the joke on the bowl, please post it here to explain it to everyone else and then go buy my bowl. I’ll ship it to you for free if you do! :) Just remind me at checkout that you were the one who explained the joke! :)

Oh, and I’m going to start another contest soon, so stay on the lookout for that! The prize is going to be GREAT! I just LOVE sponsors! :)

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