Monday, June 14, 2010

And the Winner is!!!!

Wow. Fifteen days. I made it fifteen days on my “blog less, sew more” vacation. Wow. To summarize:
  husband was hit by Mack truck… is almost back to (his version) of normal. :)  
  grandmother suffered nasty fall while hiking… is doing well for a 75 year old  
  Helga the sewing machine stuck a needle through her eye because I was working her so hard
  Great-Godfather had quadruple by-pass and is doing well
  My Etsy store/ Etsy Street Team have really taken off and are keeping me SUPER busy.

All in all, a good two weeks that included a trip to East Tennessee with twin 18 month olds! Nothing like a road trip to remind one that you really do have good kids!

So on to other news. My lucky reader that is winning a FABULOUS MYSTERY prize is none other than…… MOONCATFARMS!!!! Please send me your contact info so I can ship your lovely prize out as soon as it is finished! :)

So in other news… I’ve been learning all kinds of new skills. I’ve been practicing and employing such skills as:

  Paper piecing (I’ve made a fabulous apron that really excites me!)  
  Lace Making (I’m on my third hat and second choker)
  Stuffy creation (Tooth fairy pillows, stuffed rabbits, pin cushions, oh my!)
  Serging (how I love Serge)
  Knits (nothing feels more comfortable than well made jersey)
  Planning a quilt (little baby girl on the way for my good friends)
  Making my own bias tape (I’d forgotten how satisfying it was!)  
  Setting snaps, rivets, and applying zippers (got to love technology)

All in all, I’ve been busy. And yes, I will share my projects with you, though not tonight. Tonight I must finish another hat, put together a journal cover, and find a vendor for feathers. Any suggestions?   

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Debs102 said...

Poor you - what a busy time you have had! Glad things seem to be OK though :) Found you through the etsy forums - great blog :) Debs


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