Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1: Stash-bustin'!

Stash Busted:
Fabric Used: 0 yards
Notions Used: 0
Trims Used: 0
Thread Used: 0
Patterns Used: 0

What I've Made:
Items Created: 0
Patterns Created: 0

So I've joined a September Stash-busting Group. You can find out more about it by clicking the button in my sidebar. The basics are that you can't buy crafting gear for the month of September and you have to use what you've got. Only thread and glue can be purchased so that you can continue on with more projects, and that's only if you are out. There's also an exemption for business purchases and 1 get out of jail free for an AMAZING deal. But I'm trying to adhere to the spirit of the month and not purchase crafting stuff! And the other half of the goal is to see how much you can use in creative ways this month. So I'm going to try to produce in profuse numbers!!! :) So today is day one and I'm starting with a tally of zero....

But as I've already got the beds stripped and in the laundry, dishes done, and kitchen cleaned, I'm ready to face the studio and see what I can do! Wish me luck.... or better yet, JOIN ME!!! :)

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