Friday, September 3, 2010

Stashbushing So Far

So I've managed to complete a tote bag. I'll post a picture as soon as possible, but I've been helping out a friend and keeping his two year old and five year old sons yesterday and today, so it's a miracle I'm getting anything done with 3 boys between 20-25 months old under foot! :)

So far I've used:
-1/3yd microsuede
-1/2yd Bird Talk cotton print
-3/8yd Blue Dot cotton print
-1/8yd Ocean Swirl cotton print
-1/4yd Blue Batik cotton print
-1/2yd WonderUnder
-1/2yd grey fleece
-7/8yd fusible interfacing
-8 extra large brass grommets
-1/2 spool of thread

I've also managed to cut out and prepare another DOZEN patterns!
And I've put together my IKEA Mala paper holder for the butcher paper that I use for pattern roughs and for the boys' art purposes.
Then there were the four acrylic signs that I got from a bank that was changing their signage. I managed to remove all of the lettering from them so that I have three clear ones and one dark grey one ready for new clear labels.

All that AND laundry day with 3 toddlers and a 2 hour commute each day to drop off the kindergartener. Not bad so far. No clue what I'm going to accomplish today, but I'm determined!

Off to Stashbust!

---but I do want to admit that the Labor Day sales are starting to look REALLY tempting.... how should I best resist?

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