Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Whew.... Now THAT was productive!

I often find myself wondering how I did it in college. The late nights, the long days, going without sleep, forgetting meals..... yadda, yadda. Well, today I apparently remembered how. It all started at 4:50am.... (insert fade scene here).

Seriously, the twins were ready to get up before 5am, but I managed to fight them back to bed until 5:30ish. Then I gave up and watched the sun rise with them over breakfast, while laundry and dishes were going. And reflected on the dream I had of a dress and a bag. See, I was looking at tutorials before falling asleep and got inspired by I promise to take pictures tomorrow (okay, in a few minutes, today) and post them. I also owe pictures of quilt squares, though you'll have to settle for quilt tops! :)

But to tide you over until then, please check out my etsy store!!! Yep, I finally got items posted. So visit me at . I've got a few things for sale. One of which is this outfit on the left. It makes me very happy! I've used Urban Threads' stitch files. I love their Alice in Wonderland stuff. In fact, stay tuned for tomorrow, as the matching bag will be posted! You can also see other pictures of these pieces in my etsy store along with a scarf with the caterpillar on it.
Time to snooze for a few hours before 4:30 rolls around again. Sigh.....

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