Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pirate Quilts

So I spent large portions of today working on quilt blocks for the twins' pirate bedroom. Before they move into twin beds from their cribs, I want to have their pirate quilts, bedskirts, and shams done. This shouldn't be a big deal, as they are only 14 months old.... but I have been working on these quilts since before they were born. Insert deep sighs here.

So I've put the spurs to this project and managed to pump out a crazy amount of squares today. They are all 8" squares currently, with all kinds of crazy patterns and combinations. I wanted the quilts to look very hodge podge, like pirates made them from scraps of their booty! :) So far, I would say I am definately succeeding in making them look random. I'm hoping to lay them all out tomorrow and see where I am as far as sizes. I'm trying to decide how I'm going to do divisions between the blocks, so maybe I'll get that done tomorrow too. I can't even think about bindings or backings yet. I'll post some pictures of the blocks as well.

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